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How can we speak out?

Today I felt it appropriate to write a post regarding our voices. This is not a political statement, and will not include political views, though I will mention a public figure and how it affects us as survivors.

Yesterday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified on international television about her sexual assault. She was extensively questioned, has been ridiculed, harassed, received death threats, forced from her home, and had to hire, with her own money a lawyer and security guards for her and her family. All of this on top of the fact she was sexually assaulted. As survivors we know what this entails.

We all too, as survivors of sexual assault, have experiences which have left us without trust and security, family, and friends, not to mention the emotional toll it takes on us each day. Then there’s the loss of our voice.

I personally have never reported my sexual abuse and rapes because of fear. Though I speak out internationally on here, I have never publicly said who assaulted me. I only share the details of what happened with my therapist. I can’t imagine sharing them publicly.



They will say I have ruined their lives. Their families. Their reputation. Accuse me of lying. It is my word against theirs. They could try to sue me – though I don’t have much. They could take my home, and try to ruin my reputation.

Years after assaulting me they still hold some power over me. It’s no longer physical power, but mental.

It is the silent price we pay for being sexually assaulted.

It is one of many reasons why we stay silent.

Only when we all decide to start to band together and change how people perceive sexual assault and the horrific nightmares we endure will we possibly see change.

I am working my way up to speaking out more. I am writing more articles, encouraging publications to publish more about sexual assault. They don’t want it in their magazines. They have told writers “We’ve had enough of ‘that’ for now.” But we need to press on.

Speak out. Share what we can. When we can. Maybe we can’t share who assaulted us, but we can raise awareness it happened to us, and what we are going through.

Let our voices be heard.

Maybe you will start by liking this post or a different one, or sharing it on Facebook or other social media.

Let that be the beginning of your voice. One simple step.

Then another.

Day by day.

We are brave. You are brave. You can do it.

Together we can make our voices heard.


How will you make your voice heard today?

© 2018 Susan M. Clabaugh. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Awesome post! Thank you for your courage.

  2. I love the picture of the person with out stretched arms at the sea shore at sunrise with the “He restores my soul.” I look at it often to remind me of the divine promise.

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