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A Book Review of Daring to Hope by: Katie Davis Majors – Win a copy!!

Beauty for Ashes

By: Susan M. Clabaugh

When I first began to read Daring to Hope by: Katie Davis Majors I expected something similar to her book Kisses from Katie. I was surprised to find it a story which would bring me hope in my own circumstances, though we are a world apart, and living completely different lives.

Right from the beginning, I could feel a connection with Katie. We are living two totally different lives, but we both wrestle with God and struggle to trust Him. My circumstances, as those of you reading this blog know, are I am a survivor of sexual abuse and assault and am on a long journey of recovery from the trauma I endured growing up being abused and assaulted.

Katie endures hardship as a young mother/missionary in Uganda, with 14 adopted children whom she loves dearly and one day loses one of them back to her birth mom.

She is crushed and asks God why? How? She sees poverty all around her and struggles of those in Uganda daily and begins to ask God why He allows starvation and the deaths of entire families, including children and parents, leaving children as orphans, or to live with other family members in unsanitary conditions. Why does he allow beatings and rapes of the Ugandan people so frequently?

I too question why? Why did God allow the abuse and assaults to happen? To me, to you, to anyone? He is God and He can stop anything. Yet he allows abuse, assault, poverty, hurt, heartache and devastation.

Katie begins her search for God’s answers to these questions in Daring to Hope, and searching and finding what I have mentioned in my blog before: God’s beauty for ashes. Katie takes you on a journey which leads you through her struggles, heartache, and the baring of her soul, as she reaches out to God with the hard questions of life. Questions you and I are also seeking in our journey to recovery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for hope, trust, love…God. Katie reveals God’s true nature and how He can give us all beauty for our ashes.

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